My History

The story began in 1981, when I felt in love with Saas-Fee beauty. To stay in my dream place, I found the job in the local sport shop „Glacier shop“, where I gathered experiences from the best the next 10 years.
In longing for new horizons, I found a new job in the other sport shop in Wetzikon/ZH „Bachman sport shop“, where I spent the next 5 years, always striving fort he new improvements. All that time in my mind were just the picture of Saas-Fee. I was coming back every single moment, when I was free.
It was 1996, when I heard about the small free place in my favourite Alpine village. Without to much thought, I took the risk and opened my own shop.
Step by step, I’m here today together wih my wife and our two shops. Still here for you with the same passion, ready to share my 40 years experiance and to give the best service to my customers. Thanks to all the people, who have ever been in our shops, we’re trying hard to survive in these difficult times. Thank you for your support and trust the last 25 years. We stay here for you

Sincerely yours,
Kocic Dragan

Meet Our Team

Maja & Dragan KocicCEO

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Maja & Dragan KocicCEO